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First Communion Rosary

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Confirmation Rosary


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The Family Rosary

of the Roman Catholic Church

With the pace of every day modern society, many families feel disconnected from other members. There is a very old saying that the family that prays together stays together. We have found that to be true. Praying the Rosary together as a family is one of the best ways to open communication lines and build trust.

The Family Rosary is the Rosary recited aloud together, by as many of the family and their friends as can be present, or even by only two. Any family may say the Family Rosary in any suitable place and at any time.

A leader says aloud the first part of each prayer; a second person or group of persons answers aloud the second part of that prayer.

To begin the Family Rosary, all hold the Crucifix of their Rosary in the right hand and make the Sign of the Cross.

The leader begins the Apostles Creed and proceeds to say the Our Father on the large beads and the Hail Mary on the small beads. The leader announces the Mystery before each decade. Five decades should be recited each day.

10 Tips for Praying the Family Rosary
More Devoutly, Especially with Children

  1. Avoid forcing or punishing anyone to pray the rosary--let it be a privilege and pleasure.
  2. When someone has to be absent for the rosary, let them know they will be missed.
  3. Younger children may not be able to participate in the entire rosary because it is too long.
  4. Choose a time that is convenient for most in the group, let it be known as "Rosary Time." It does not have to be the same time every day.
  5. Choose a special place that appeals to as many as possible--before a picture or statue, at an outdoor shrine, or even at bedside.
  6. Vary the posture--kneeling, sitting, standing.
  7. Let everyone be involved according to age and ability, from quiet attending to leadership.
  8. The family rosary should reflect the loving relationship within the family--for example, a hug of peace could conclude it.
  9. Make the rosary inclusive. If there are guests, invite them to share in it.
  10. The rosary is a bouquet, a gift of love from your family to Jesus and Mary.
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How To Pray The Rosary

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How To Say The Rosary

How To Say The Rosary