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Welcome to rosaries.com
Welcome to rosaries.com

The Family Rosary
The Rosary, through its beauty, imparts grace to families.
Renewing the tradition of praying the family Rosary together is the primary mission of rosaries.com. This starts one individual at a time, and one family at a time. Be the person in your household who makes the suggestion to others to set aside time each day to pray the Rosary together as a family. If you do, we think you will quickly find that the Rosary, through its beauty, imparts grace to families. To assist you in this task, the free materials that we created below will work perfectly in your home.
(These materials are free of charge. Please feel free to distribute and share.)

A message from the developer of these Family Rosary materials, Professor Bob Dougherty

(Optional) If You Are In Need Of Rosaries

The lesson plan is designed to be cost free for both students and instructors, however, if you, as the instructor, wish to provide rosaries to hand out to students, we have several inexpensive options.

Introduction To The Rosary
Lesson Plan

for your Catechism/Religious Education class

(This lesson plan is free of charge. Please feel free to distribute and share.)
Rosaries.com has created an “Introduction To The Rosary” lesson plan that includes videos, handouts, and a PowerPoint presentation. This lesson plan is designed to be completed in one Catechism/Religious Education class period. All materials are complimentary. Please feel free to use as you see fit. https://www.rosaries.com/lesson_plan.html

Pray The Rosary Online
Rosaries.com has created an option for you to pray the Rosary online.

Catholic Gift Shop For Your Parish Website
If your Parish does not have a Catholic Gift Shop, please consider using https://rosaries.com/ as your reliable, cost free, secure gift shop link for your Parish website. Watch this brief 2 ½ minute video to see how it works.

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